Asian Mining

Specialist reporting on Australia-Asia-Pacific minerals and energy exploration, mining and manufacturing projects, people and politics for the advanced supply chains of smart infrastructure & renewable energy.

ASIAN MINING (formerly AJM RESOURCES PUBLISHING) was established in 1986 by marketing and media entrepreneur Geoffrey Gold to launch the Australian Journal of Mining. The following year, the Singapore-based Asia Pacific Mining magazine was acquired and merged with AJM to create the Australia, Asian and Pacific Journal of Mining and its companion annual, the Asia/Pacific Mining Yearbook.

In 1993, AJM was unbundled to re-establish the Australian Journal of Mining and the Asian Journal of Mining as separate publications.

In Indonesia, ASIAN MINING developed a series of special publications in association with the Ministry of Mines and Energy including the Indonesian Mining Handbook and the Indonesian Minerals Exploration and Mining Directory.

In 1998, the Australian Journal of Mining and the AJM trademark in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea were sold to Informa plc. ASIAN MINING retained the AJM trademark in all other territories and continues to publish the Asian Journal of Mining.

ASIAN MINING now provides professional advisory and research services to exploration and mining companies, mining technology and service businesses, national and regional governments, media, sponsors and advertisers within Australia-Asia-Pacific:

  • Market research and market entry 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Event management – corporate, seminars, exhibitions 
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Public, government and investor relations 
  • Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Customised media
ASIAN MINING’s commentary and analysis also provides the latest news about projects and insights for minerals and energy professionals through private bespoke commercial reports and public newsletters and websites:

Asian Journal of Mining - regular analysis and reports on the projects, people and politics of mining in Asia (archived)

Asian Mining on Twitter - updates, referrals and two-way information flow through social media.

Asian Mining on LinkedIn - professional discussions and networking group (entry by approval).

Asian Mining on Facebook